Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ok so I lied

I intended to post pictures and everything and add some content to my knit-along and what happens. I get slammed with projects at work. My summer course is coming to an end and low and behold I've got two missing projects to turn in and as if that is not enough. My computer goes haywire, so now I have to borrow my sister's laptop to finish the school stuff, (I'm taking a break to post this)and find a way to get her to let me upload the pictures. Aaaarrgghhhhh. To top it all I think I'm getting allergic to certain types of yarn. Double aaaaarrrgggghhhhh. So no posting until this weekend. I'm too tired to try and take beautiful photos of projects that I want to wrap up but can't due to work, school and an affinity for starting new projects when the old ones aren't done yet.

I have made great progress on the Sunrise Circle Jacket, that puppy will be wearable by Fall. The back isn't done yet but I've got a spur in my bonnet about it and I've made progress on Erin for the Rowan Ribbon Twist collection and I started the minisweater from Glamprye and I'm almost done with the bolero from Debbie Bliss and I'm in lust with Rowan again something I didn't think would happen after magazine 39 but when I saw Rambling Rose it became an instant must knit. Just thinking about it is making me want to spend some time taking photos of the project.

This weekend the pictures get posted. Maybe I'll sign up for Flicker and actually organize my blog as well. Hmmmmmmmmm.

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